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23 September 2007


That's just beautiful. I'm sure you'll miss those bingo dreams when they go!

goodness, I need to move back to CA!

Just gorgeous.

Can't wait to get my calendar!!

Hi, I really enjoyed reading your write up on this event. Sounds heavenly. Wishing you a good week

Such a wonderful day.

Omg...I am soo craving some tomatoes all the sudden. Wierd...Beautiful photos. You've got some great connections.

Oh and congrats on being elected the UCSC Farm board of directors.

Love from Taiwan,

Holy Tomatoes!!! That first picture is one of the coolest I have ever seen. If only we got tomatoes like that in Paris (sniff, sniff)

Whoops..... you got me!! I was in a hurry when I wrote that, I forgot the additional "O".

Great job on the coverage!!! You sure looked like you had a blast with the tomato saturation!!!

Love that. Thanks for all the photos. I'm having a bit of a tomato fest myself, minus the crowds and the tent.

oohhh yes tomato bingo is very well!! wondefull

See clips from our first TomatoFare 2007 in Washington State:


Let me hear from you all who love heirloom tomatoes. You are all cordially invited to our TomatoFare2008 festival.

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