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08 August 2007


This is a really great entry and I loved reading it. Fabulous journey.

Great that you mentioned Godfrey and his important work in Uganda. I was introduced to him a couple of years ago, and had only $100 to donate to his cause. But there's no doubt in my mind that it was put to a 10 fold good use by him. He is doing a real service to this world. Most of us farmers here in Santa Cruz grow food for people who can afford good food. Godfrey is the embodiment of what it means to really feed people.

Cynthia: I did not receive notification of your comment, but found it today when I went in to approve another comment.

I am, of course, moved and delighted that you were able to contribute to Godfrey's project. He is a singular man, and I hope he gets more help.

BTW, you have often mentioned that you wouldn't fit in up there, but I think you're wrong. It's just the most accepting place. Amazing. I hope you'll go with me sometime.

Brilliant entry (I agree :) .. a delight to read

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