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14 June 2007


I so want to love Dan Barber. But we had a really dreadful meal at Blue Hill NYC. :(

And we have transoms in our new kitchen, thank you verrrry much :D

Tana, Dan was the last person to speak at Taste - it was the tail-end of a long (hot) day, and some people had already drifted out of the auditorium... then Dan walked on to the stage, and began telling his story. I was literally on the edge of my seat. I wanted to be that girl in the story; I think EVERY woman wanted to be that girl.

Remarkable storyteller. So glad you blogged about it. xo

Tana, I thought the link for transom was going to be of the back of a boat! :D

As always, your blog is a pleasure to read! Where do you get your very interesting and funny "thought for the days"?


I said something yesterday that you'd appreciate: Living in New York is like being digested.

Tana visiting the East Coast!! Yay!!

"Maybe I'll finally get to the Greenmarket, and meet Cathy and Liza and Young Master Jack, and a slew of other people I feel like I already know."

:) Please come visit us.

I guess Dan finally did 'Get the Girl' and we all wish him well. He seems to be a great guy and has given so much to the planet in terms of awareness of this particular agriculture movement.

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