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04 January 2007


Don't tell my husband, but I'd go see a movie that consisted entirely of Hugh Jackman reading excerpts from Joy of Cooking.

(yeah, he most definitely gets my vote, too!)

Hmmmm, I'd watch Hugh Jackman in anything!

Hugh would be nice, but I have to admit that Clive Owen would always get my first vote!

Own Wilson, with a haircut:

Check out Aaron Eckhart.

Hugh Jackman would work. David Tennant would be tasty too.

Can I help with casting? Please!

Tana - Happy New Year to you. I too hope we get to meet in person this year - I love YOUR blog...and small farms. And Hugh Jackman.

Wow, I love all the suggestions. Can you let Michael know that he should make sure the lead goes nude the entire movie?

Just asking.

Worth a try.

I'll shut up now.

I'm pushing for Danny DeVito, who's also a friend of Richard's (and a producer of Richard's last movie).

DeVito is WAY too old, Ruhlman. Otherwise the physical resemblance is astonishing: it's no wonder we never see you in the same room together.

I"ll cut my hair for the role (hee, hee)

Bisous! Ms. Glaze

i would vote for hugh to play santa, abe lincoln, even GW Bush, just so i could watch his Hughness

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