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26 March 2006


Congrats, indeed. Those are tough scholarships to get.

Congrats to your daughter on receiving such a nice reward for work well done.

And congrats to you Tana for raising a daughter who doesn't need to run away to find herself... sounds like she's got a great head start with her own set of morals.

Very cool. Congratulations to your daughter.

That is awesome. Congrats to her!

Many congratulations to your daughter!

Pure joy -- how true. What a wonderful time for both of you. Many congratulations!

What a terrific honor for your obviously-gifted daughter; let me add my kudos to the chorus!

And Tana, it's clear the apple didn't fall far from the tree . . .

Thank you all so very much. It is such a nice contrast to other things going on in our family right now.

She's a peach, allrighty.

: D

Let me add my congratulations, as well. That's a huge accomplishment.

Congratulations to you both! To her for her achievement, and, as McAuliflower said, to you for raising her in such a way that she feels at home where she is.

Congratulations! Well done :)


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