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22 January 2006


Mmmm, this was a nice reminder to pick up some squash. I'm thinking a curry or two is in order for my upcoming week.

I'm also surpised at the presence of strawberries at your market. Do greenhouses also make anything possible in your parts?

hi, that picture of the proteas is too beautiful for words; thanks for sharing

As a farmer I love your words about your local farms and food. Also love the occasional mention of folks who are doing wonderful things with fresh produce.

My wife and I tried Gabriella Cafe for the first time recently... lightly wilted radicchio... stuffed figs... fresh-squeezed orange juice Mimosa... Small plates of heavenly flavor. We'll be back.

A digression on "conventional" at a Chef's Collaborative conference years ago, in Santa Cruz, K. Dun Gifford advanced the idea that we should be framing the argument differently. As you point out there's nothing conventional about dumping chemicals on your food. So, if we were to start referring to those vegetables as "chemically farmed" that would start to change the market perception of those things.

Lovely. Those flowers make think of spring ... and we're in the middle of a Canadian winter right now so that's a treasured thought!

What a great squash!

Thanks for the link to Readability Test...hrmm...just did mine...Time/Newsweek...


Hmmm, yes. Wintertime at the market. I was reflecting how damned nice it is. Quiet, easy shopping and parking right out front, that's saying something for Berkeley.
What I enjoy best though, is the fact that it isn't quite as busy as other times of the year and you can spend your time talking with the ranchers, farmers & artisans. Ted, the grass fed beef guy, and I spent 10 minutes talking about the lousy grass in California this season. If it were any other time of the year, he'd have no more than a few moments with me. It's nice.


Hi Tana So glad you like Raining Sideways, yes it is beautiful here but I know you are writing about a beautiful place too!! Keep in touch, Sally

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