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07 January 2006


What a cool way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing your photos

Beautiful post. I am still not quite used to California seasons, although more used to it than I think. When the GM and I moved to Chapel Hill, NC for a few years it was wonderful to hear her say, "Now I know why you always say, California, where it's brown in the summer." And my mother calls spring at her Northern CA digs, "the brief interlude between mud and dust."

Thank you, both, Greg and Haddock. It's so nice to have fellow food bloggers visit me.

Please write about the National Animal Identification System and let people know just how horribly this will affect small farms and homesteaders. Big Brother Government is breathing down our necks on this one and will soon crush the small producers.

Another wonderful post, Tana. Thanks!

I'm from North Carolina, and my maternal grandmother ("Nanny Tom") and my mom and her sisters all told us the Epaminondas story, exactly that way. (Did I ever tell you I have a doll named Epaminondas?)

Anyway, keep up the good work!

What a lovely post! You have a wonderful blog ... keep up the great work.

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