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19 September 2005


Tana: I'm no ideologue, but I couldn't agree more. The whole month of August reformatted my thinking about food to the point that everything I hated before, I hate more now. And I've developed a love affair with my new approach to eating that is just life-changing. And I really hate dippy platitudes, but there you go.
This diet may cost more, but you don't buy as much. And you eat less. And you revere what you bought more.
(And I'm so sorry you're going to be missing for a while. Best wishes in this, um, paradigm shift.)

Maybe not "missing" but just here less. I can't let this stuff go completely because it helps my heart and soul. When the family shenanigans pile up, I head to the farmers market, or out to a farm.

Greeeeeeeen acres, is the place to be!
Farrrrrrrrm livin' is the life for me!
Land spreadin' out so far and wide.
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

Well, I was doing just fine until I got to the very end--yep, here come the sniffles and teardrops. Absolutely fabulous post, Tana. I am so grateful to be sitting here reading your words, knowing that right outside my open window, hidden in the darkness of the early morning and swirled in a thick mist, is a farm.

I just have two small things to say:

1. I found it so amusing that the same "mental mess-up" I made the other day on my blog (where your brain thinks one word but your fingers type out a homonym or rhyming word) would have been perfect here--just below the lovely cow photo you wrote about "appreciating the utter natural beauty." I meant to write that word the other day but realized later I'd written "udder!" My mistake made no sense in the context, but oh, what a perfectly silly opportunity you missed!

And 2. You go, girl!

Take care, Tana. You are such a very, very special person. We need so many more of you.

Thanks for that kindness, Farmgirl, so very much.

Tana: You may not be diplomatic, but you're right on the mark regarding the state of our food supply. Living on a farm for a few years spoiled me to the point that it's difficult to purchase produce from the local grocer.

I buy local produce and grow as much of my own as possible. I just started a gardening blog at http://gardeningsecrets.blogspot.com/ check it out when you have a minute

If you want to show your support for locally grown food we have a line of "I'M A LOCAL HERO" apparel and merchandise at www.

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